Tehnopol Association of Galati is part of the consortium that implements the project „Increase trading and modernization of beekeeping and connected sectors in the Black Sea Basin’’ ITM BEE-BSB, BSB136.
The project is co-financed by Black Sea Basin ENI Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.

Partner institutions:

Lead Partner: Galati Tehnopol Association
Partner 1: Varna Economic Development Agency, Bulgaria
Partner 2: Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, Turkey
Partner 3: Cahul Business Centre, Moldova
Partner 4: Mykolaiv Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ukraine

Project duration: 24 months

Project budget: 758.303,00 euro, from which:
Programme co-financing: 697.638,76 euro
Contribution: 60.664,24 euro

Overall objective of the project:

The project aims to develop and modernize apicultural businesses and also promote and develop trade and partnership in the Black Sea Basin. The project focuses on the progressive and active promotion and monitoring of the partnership network of target sub-groups of beekeepers in the Black Sea Basin (Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Republic of Moldavia) with a role in identifying and implementing tools to increase their chances of significant acceleration in improving the conditions of production, increasing the quality of bee products and ensuring marketing to create safe cross-border trade opportunities and business development with input in modernizing the beekeeping sector and related sectors.

Project’s specific objectives:

  • Creating and developing a common framework for the establishment and operation of the Black Sea Basin Bee Products Network with a role in promoting and monitoring it for increasing cross-border trade opportunities and modernizing the beekeeping sector and related activities.
  • Stimulate the growth of the competitiveness and viability of the beekeeping sector and related activities through the implementation of actions at the Black Sea Business Network to improve the skills and knowledge of apiculture producers as well as their economic performance and market access.
  • Ensuring the visibility of beekeepers, the potential of the Black Sea Basin area and public awareness of the properties of apicultural products on health and increasing food safety by organizing events of an economic, cultural, educational, political nature, etc. The project will have clear multiplier effects, translated into a practical plan through medium and long term, direct and implicit results that will ensure the continuation, recovery and mainstreaming of project results after its completion.