Who are we?

Tehnopol Association of Galati is an organization of community interest, having also the status of public utility.

Through the actions carried out since its establishment, Tehnopol Association of Galati has proved to be an active institutional partner, constantly participating in the sustainable development of the South-East Region of the country and of Galați city.

Tehnopol Association of Galati has significantly contributed to the process of attracting European funds, by implementing multiple projects on various funding axes, as well as organizing conferences, workshops, programs aimed at developing young people and encouraging them to stay in the city of Galați and to develop local business. Since its establishment, Tehnopol Association of Galati has constantly developed partnerships with various public and private institutions, associations, federations, initiating and carrying out national and international programs and projects.

Our mission is to contribute to the Strategy and Programmes of Public Administration and innovative development by stimulating the creation, support and coordination of the work of the companies, universities, Research & Development Centres and production centres in this area.

The specific objective of the Tehnopol Galati Association, resulting from the strategy of Local Public Administration, is to provide a favourable framework for the development of companies, research centres, in order to achieve harmonization of their activities with the demands of market economy and local and regional development strategies.

Specialized services are provided as assistance and advice with high added value in the form of individual services or service packages aimed at creating business connections and innovation, such as national or international cooperation relations, technology or know-how transfers, applications of research and development for innovation in the industry.

Tehnopol Galati Association is an organization of community interest founded by: