The INNOVATIVE CITIES Forum took place in Nice on July 6, 2017.

INTA (International Urban Development Association), was pleased to organize the Session “How do mid-sized cities succeed in providing innovation?”. Tehnopol Association of Galati is an INTA member and Mr. Ionut Mocanu, General Manager, participated in the Forum on behalf of the Association.

Other participants:

– Roland Methling, Mayor of Rostock, Germany;
– Andreas Schubert, Department of Urban Development, Rostock;
– Iñigo Joaquín De La Serna Hernaiz, Mayor of Santander, Spain;
– Chris Hayward, Development Director, Preston, England;
– Jacob Bundsgaard, Mayor of Aarhus, Denmark;
– Andrew Percy, Secretary of State of Northern Power House, England;
– Leo Cédric, Chief Commercial & Development Officer, Lobbying & Prospective;

Our representative’s speech was listened with enthusiasm by the audience and the city of Galati was kindly invited to collaboration by other participants in the event.