Tehnopol Galati Association takes into account the local economic innovative development strategy, actively administers and also contributes to completing and refining the provisions by observing and identifying new trends and priorities.

In addition to its scientific component, Tehnopol Galati Association aims to promote new economic activities, to support existing small and medium enterprises or new companies to become more competitive in the market and to benefit from technology transfer and innovation.

The concept of this structure is based on the necessity and appropriateness of Local Public Administration involvement in innovative local economic development as a source for increasing budgetary means and – in this way – faster development of Galati.

Tehnopol Galati Association is an organization of community interest founded by:

Consiliul Local Galati

Consiliul Județean Galați

Camera de Comerț, Industrie și Agricultură Galați

Universitatea Dunărea de Jos Galați

Software Producers Association

Software Producers Association

General services

General services are provided by all partners, using resources in common: information and assistance on business opportunities and innovation, finaning, legislation and technical requirements

Special services

Specialized services are provided as assistance and advice with high added value in the form of individual services or service packages aimed at creating business


Our mission is to become in the coming years the most important entity in the county of Galati

Business Incubator

In times of uncertainty and rapid change, the adaptability, spontaneity and initiative are essential in facing the challenges that arise daily