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Business Incubator


In times of uncertainty and rapid change, the adaptability, spontaneity and initiative are essential in facing the challenges that arise daily. Manifestation of entrepreneurship becomes a pressing need.

Stimulating the creation of new small and medium enterprises, improving the economic performance of the existing ones, accessing more and more funding sources and developing the entrepreneurial skills of entrepreneurs in order to involve them in private economic structures represent the goals of our Association.

Tehnopol Galati Association seeks partnerships with small and medium enterprises for which to provide free consultancy, contributing to the development of companies so that they can reach a level of stability and autonomy to enable them to function on their own, with increased chance of facing the competitive environment and long term survival.


Tehnopol Galati Association offers the following free services:

  • Marketing services: creating and promoting the image of the company, suggestions on packaging, contacting advertising companies;
  • Facilitating contacts between companies to build business relationships;
  • Presentation of partners and their products at all fairs, seminars, brokerages our Association attends;
  • Notice to companies about available courses in various fields and about presentations of banking services for funding and lending on the market;
  • Support for attending lectures, fairs, exhibitions and other promotional activities;
  • Facilitation of networking, transfer of know-how and by providing support in developing partnerships;
  • Training in business skills development;
  • Advice for the development of new products and services;
  • Consultancy to obtain funding and grants;
  • Recruitment consultancy;
  • Business planning and company formation;
  • Market research, sales and marketing;
  • IT and e-business assistance.